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    Fragments and Run-on

    How can I avoid speaking in fragments? I learned from my English teacher that a sentence must contain a subject and a verb and a complete thought as well to make it a complete sentence. I wasn't able to ask her how because she flew all the way to New York the following day. Guys help me out on this...

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    Re: Fragments and Run-on

    It is simple. You finish your sentences once you have started them.

    However, spoken English will often contain fragments. What you have to avoid is having them in your written work.

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    Re: Fragments and Run-on

    In fact, fragments are often more natural. Spoken language is very different from written languages, and it would often be difficult to transcribe as sentences.

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    Re: Fragments and Run-on

    Thank you for your replies. I know that written English is different from spoken English. And speaking in fragments is a very common thing in people, in fact even native speakers do! But my point is, is it very important to speak in complete sentences as my teacher said?


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