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    Red face excerpts from legal correspondence

    Below are excerpts from a letter issued by solicitor to a client regarding claims arising from an injury case. Kindly explain those have been underlined in red.

    ************************************************** *******

    1) As gesture of goodwill, we are prepard to cap our charges at the amount which is recoverable on a party and party taxation at the end of the day.

    2) Such disbursement shall include but not limited to fees charged/chargeable by the police, AA department & hospital for supply of relevant documents/ information to the case, fees of expert and counsel.

    ************************************************** ******
    Many thanks.

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    Re: excerpts from legal correspondence

    1 cap = impose a limit
    2 “Principles of Party and Party Taxation.
    ‘It is of great importance to litigants who are unsuccessful that they
    should not be oppressed by having to pay an excessive amount of
    costs. The costs chargeable under a taxation between party and
    party are all that are necessary to enable the adverse party to
    conduct litigation, and no more. Any charges merely for conduct-
    ing litigation more conveniently may be called luxuries, and must
    be paid by the party incurring them’ (Smith v. Buller (1875), L.R.
    19 Eq., p. 475, per Malins, V-C.; and see Turnbull v. Janson
    (1878), 3 C.P.D. 264; Simmons v. Storer (1880), 14 Ch. D. 154;
    Warner v. Mosses (1881), 19 Ch. D. 72).
    3 It is just a way of saying that the list might not be complete and other things could be included as disbursments

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