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    Question Colourful idioms

    One of my friend wants to know about colourful idioms. We both know what idioms are. She wants to know what is the meaning of "colourful idioms". She thinks that colourful idioms are related to the colours. The idioms which include a colour in it (green ,red ,yellow,black,blue etc....). But I really don't think it has anything to do with the "colour". I think "colourful idioms" means like "beautiful expressions". It's like we use colourful as an "adjective".

    What do you think is correct. I really would like to hear the answer.

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    Re: Colourful idioms

    To me it would be your interpretation. But "colourful" more nearly has the meaning "lively, vivid, exciting".

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    Re: Colourful idioms

    Quote Originally Posted by Niall Beag View Post
    It can mean ones that are quite vivid and graphic, but it's often a bit of a euphemism.

    When people talk to me about more "colourful" ways of saying things, they often mean ways that are a bit rude or have sexual connotations.

    Unlikely in a classroom.

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