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    Burned your bridges saying and explain what it means

    Does it mean that you've crossed an line like cheating on your partner with your sister or brother and now you pay an higher price and you cannot go back to what you had before as you realised what you've lost and what you could of had as the other party may of moved on and left you behind is that what you mean please.

    Can someone explain this for me in better terms please and say what it means please.

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    Re: Burned your bridges saying and explain what it means

    You can't go back.

    By burning your bridge, you have removed the path you would take to return to a situation you are leaving.

    If you are leaving an employer, and on the way out, you send an e-mail to the entire company saying what a lousy place it was to work and spray paint "My boss is a jerk" on the door, you have burned a bridge, because you will never be able to return to work there. On the other hand, if you leave on very good terms, you send a thank you note to you boss, etc., you have kept the way back open for a possible return later.

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    Re: Burned your bridges saying and explain what it means

    G'day Julia,
    Barb D is quite right.
    May I add that I believe the saying to have a military origin.
    In military terms to burn my own bridges is the last act of a very desperate situation becaue if I fail I am cut off myself and will probably die.
    I have denied something to my enemy but I have also destroyed something of my own in the process.
    It is somewhat similar to biting my own nose off to spite my own face.



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