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    Wage and Wages

    A. What are the differences between wage and wages.

    B. I have seen following sentences written. Are they all correct? Do they mean exactly the same?
    1. His wage is 1000 a month.
    2. His wages is 1000 a month.
    3. His wages are 1000 a month
    Thank you.

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    Re: Wage and Wages

    Welcome, chuyih Wang.

    1. His wage is ... <hourly, daily, or weekly rate>
    2. His wages is ... <subject-verb agreement>
    3. His wages are ... <rate in total>

    Does that help?

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    Re: Wage and Wages

    As Casiopea said, a wage is more of an established pay for a particular job usually on an hourly/weekly basis, as opposed to a salary (a fixed compenasation on a regular basis). It fluctuates with inflation. I believe it's synonym with paycheck, in AE.

    As a trans. verb, to wage means to engage in smth (wage a battle against, wage a war against, wage a campaign...).

    "wages" - unless as a plural for wage, as mentioned above, also has the figurative meaning of reward, recompense (like in "the wages of disobedience, of war, of sin, of life/ death - followed by the singular verb is).


    1. The wages of disobedience is death/ruin...

    as opposed to:

    2. What are your wages / how much do you earn?

    Have you seen the movie "The wages of fear?".
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