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    Test lesson with6+7 year olds

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this site and have a question I hope you can help me with.

    Tomorrow Ihave a test lesson of 15-20 mins at a primary school here in Holland.
    The children have never had an English lesson and I'm wondering how to approach it. I have a mad cuddly toy which I think I will introduce as a friend from England and go through "my name is.....what is your name?" and maybe a few flash cards with a dog and cat etc.... this is my dog etc.....

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated. have been teaching in secondary school here but this is a first for me starting with children who have never had English lessons before....and I want it to be fun for them.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Test lesson with6+7 year olds

    Welcome, teachtim.

    What you have planned is perfect! You could add a song if you wanted, say, the Alphabet Song (ABCD...), or Head 'n Shoulders, Knees 'n Toes, or If you're happy and you know it, or whatever you think they might like.

    As for the flashcards, here are two great activities that always work well.

    (1) After teaching the vocab, place the cards on the ledge of the board, or stick them to the board with magnets. Tell the students, "heads down, and no looking ". Once all heads are down, take a card away, then say, "Heads up!". Wait for the students to realize that a card is missing; ask them which one is missing, if that is they haven't already yelled it out. Play again, and again. Remove two cards, then three, then all four. The children love this game.

    (2) After teaching the vocab, shuffle the cards and face the stack away from the students. Look at the first card in the stack and ask, "What's this? Is it a dog, a cat, a rabbit?" Have the students guess which animal is on the card. (When I play that game, if a student guesses correctly, I make a sad face, look at the class with great disappointment and say, "N-n-n-YES!" They roar!)

    Have fun. You seem well prepared.

    All the best

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