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    What do you think an answer?

    Please read the following conversation. What do you think an answer?

    W: This year, I am not waiting till summer to have my break.
    M: Are you planning to go away on leave earlier?
    W: Yes. I have already booked a flight and the accommodations.
    M: Where exactly are you planning to head for?
    W: I will be going to the Caribbean to enjoy a resort holiday.
    M: But if you are planning to leave in June, Iíve heard it is the off season in that part of the world, so cruise ships tend to reposition and sail elsewhere.
    W: That wouldnít be a problem. Iíll only be resting among the sandy beaches to recover from the stress.

    Q. What are the man and the woman talking about?
    (a) How the planning for the vacation has been going
    (b) What inconvenience will be caused during the off season trip
    (c) What changes will be made for the sights to visit on cruise
    (d) How a vacation without much travelers at sight will turn out to be

    Thank you.

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    Re: What do you think an answer?

    Which would be your choice?

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    Re: What do you think an answer?

    G'day Juliana,
    The conversation is not well written and the questions are more confusing than the conversation.
    Where did you get this test??


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