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  1. Hammamet

    Sentence analysis

    I'm having a little trouble with sentence analysis, can anyone help me?

    AImagine B[wearing a jacket or rucksack C[that charges up your mobile phone D[while you take a walk]A]B]C]D
    A - main clause
    B - subordinate nominal participial object clause
    C - subordinate attributive clause
    D - subordinate adverbial clause od time

    How bad am I?


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    Re: Sentence analysis

    Hammamet, I'm not familiar with some of the terms you're using, but from what I can see, your analysis is good.

    main verb: imagine
    verb's object: (that you are) wearing a jacket or rucksack
    relative clause: that charges your cell phone
    adverbial clause: while you take a walk

    Does that help?

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