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    Applying for jobs before getting qualified...?

    Hi all

    I recently started my CELTA (part time route) and really enjoying it! I'm just over a third of my way through the course - it finishes in mid-August and I've started to consider looking for a job in Hong Kong (actually I have already quit my full time job - and am serving my notice scary!). The reason I've chosen HK is because I have relatives and (my parent's)house there and also I have permanent HK ID which I have yet to take advantage of!

    I have two questions really:
    1) Is it advisable to start applying for jobs now, even though I haven't qualified yet? I've seen some jobs for the Sept. round of recruitment (teaching kids) and don't want to leave too late before applying.

    2) Does anyone have any experience of HK? Is it quite easy to get a job there...with no experience? I'm a native-speaker, have an English degree and will have CELTA - but something tells me that this pales in comparison to even a little bit of experience.... am I wrong? (Please tell me I'm wrong!!)


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    Smile Re: Applying for jobs before getting qualified...?

    I recently graduated with an English degree and began applying for jobs several months before graduation. For my resume, I listed my degree with my other certifications. However, I included "anticipated date of graduation: month, year" next to the yet to be completed degree.
    You might want to check or some other job-seeking related sites for advice. I showed my resume to a relative who works in the human resourses department of a media firm, and she said that it was absolutely acceptable, but as for particulars regarding the English education field, I am not absolutely sure. I hope this helps!

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