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Thread: swear by

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    swear by

    He swore by all the gods

    He swore by his mother's memory

    He swore by a breakfast of prunes and lemon juice.

    I found the following meanings from the :

    swear by, name (a sacred being or thing) as one's witness or guarantee in swearing.
    b.Informal. to have great confidence in; rely on: He swears by his dentist. have certain knowledge of: I thought I saw him leaving, but I couldn't swear by it.

    I don't think any of the above meanings appropriate in my three sentences. I may be wrong.
    Please help me.

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    Re: swear by

    the last one is funny!

    the meaning of 'swear by' in your sentences is about being very sure, confident about smth

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    Re: swear by

    I would say your first two sentences are meaning "a," and the last is meaning "b." Or the last could be meaning "c"---clearly, this person has great confidence in the, er, invigorating power of his usual breakfast, and he must have certain knowledge that it works, day after day. :)

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