Hi, i am 18 years old and i have studied english for 5 years. So i was just wondering how good my english is. I would be very grateful if you could comment on the language in the text below.

this is a review of a film named Naruto.

What is life without goals,dreams and friends. Being devoid of all these
crucial life-driving things is sure to make your life here on earth a living hell.

The importance of dreams is something thatīs emphasized numerous times throughout the yet 82 released episodes. Making me as well think what goals in life do i have. Naruto is heavily imbued with symbolizes such as mentioned. One may criticize its repetitiveness though, especially when you have heard how important it is to have friends, at least ten times.

Those people that have been feeling lonely or have been bullied are sure to recognize themselves through Naruto, since he has been in that position too. And a good character is a one that you can relate too and understand, an ability Naruto is good at. Even though the fellow has bad manners, you just can`t be irritated at him (which you commonly can at other hundreds of characters).

The big forehead girl that eagerly wants to catch the allure heart of the presumptuous Sasuke is not in level with Naruto though. Many will found her annoying that she practically cant fight and that she is pestering about Sasuke all the time.

Sasuke is the cool guy, being quite and very presumptuous. In big contrast to nardoo who is yelling now and then. I think it was a clever thing to implement those two very different people in the same place. Seeing sasuke trying to act cool all the time is too much, you have to mix it with something more talkative and dumb.

But what is it really that makes Naruto so popular. A golden rule to make anything popular is to make it appeal to broad audience. Naruto implements adventure, magic, martial art, comedy and action in the same packet.

Many genres alone cant make a good anime though. The diverse repertoire of characters and fighting styles is sure to keep you interested (you have a guy who fights with flies, an another with toads and other characters having special skills, such as being able to copy other techniques.). Just seeing lame kicks and punches(which it is in real life) is not a good formula. The implementation of magic in fights really gives the fights a boost.

The world in wich Naruto is in is very complex. You
have a world where everything revolves around being a strong ninja. The ninja hierarcy is well-developed with many stages, and many ninja techniques is lavishly detailed with info about how you perform them.

And being able to immerse yourself in a unique world is sure to appeal to more people than having a world based upon ours. These are a bit of the ingrediences that makes Naruto so popular.