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  1. Fleur de mort

    Angry I don't want to be beginner

    Hi all
    After 29 days I will go t the English school
    I want some help I called the head teacher in the school
    she says : you have to do test to know my level
    so what the question can I get it?
    please I don't want to be beginner level that is no waaaaaaaay
    she says to me : speak English please.. i'm just laughing at my stuped slang
    I hate my language
    help me

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    salam fleur,
    I think the questions won't be that difficult just review tenses and every day conversation in the website you have suggested
    and inchallah everything is gonna be alright
    don't worry you have to be self-confident
    you may visit
    it's very helpful
    Good luck

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    Re: I don't want to be beginner

    I don't want to be old, either; but I am. I can't do much about that.

    You can do something about being (or not being) a beginner. Take the test. Find out your weaknesses. Study, practice, memorize. Do what it takes to advance in your study of the language. If you study and practice with a purpose, you won't be a beginner very long.


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