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    Indecent Assault

    In the UK, if we were robbed on the street, what would we shout for help while chasing after the robber? Was it "help! help! Robber/Robbing/Mugging/Snatching, Catch him"?

    Again, in the UK, if a lady was indecent assaulted, say, by a sex maniac who touched her bottom or breast and ran away, what would the victim shout for help while chasing after the offender? Was it "Help!, Help!, sex maniac. Catch him" ?

    I think different countries might have different ways to shout for help in such circumstances. But I want to know what they are in the UK.

    In Hong Kong:
    In the case of robbery, we would shout, "Cheong ye!!!(Robbing)"(in Cantonese transliteration)
    In the case of indecent assault, we would shout, "Fei Like(Indecent assault)!!!"(in Cantonese transliteration)
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    Re: Indecent Assault

    I'd use 'Stop, thief!' and 'Help- pervert!'.

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