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Thread: please help

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    Question please help

    Hi everyone,
    can anyone explain to me what this expression means?
    "I always look over my shoulder".
    And also I have a problem with the proposition in this sentece;
    can I say: "Am trying to put the meat in the boan" or;
    " Am trying to put the meat on the boan"?

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    Re: please help

    Without further context, I would say that "I always look over my shoulder" means the speaker tries to be careful in his daily dealings so that "enemies," perhaps business competitors or other rivals, don't have the opportunity to do him harm.

    I don't know what a boan is, so I can't answer your second question. :)

    [native speaker & writer, not a teacher]

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    Re: please help

    Thank Delmobile for your effort, sorry I misspelt the word bone, so which proposition is correct in the folloing two sentences:
    I put the the meat in the bone, or
    I put the meat on the bone

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    Re: please help

    How funny, I didn't even think about "bone," although we're talking about meat.

    Put the meat on the bone is grammatically correct, but the only time I can imagine using such an expression would be if you were building a biological model.

    We do say "put meat on his bones," meaning to gain weight in the sense of becoming more healthy.

    Does that help?

    "My grandson is coming to stay for the weekend. I've been cooking all his favorite dishes---I want to put a little meat on the poor child's bones. My daughter-in-law is a terrible cook."

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    Re: please help

    The idiom I know is "fleshed out" - He fleshed out his narrative with detailed descriptions.


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