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    Hi.Tell me please and please HOw I can Teach my Students Conversation?

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    Re: Conversation

    How are you approaching it now? What age are they?

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    Various techniques can be followed in the class ,taking in consideration
    alot of things such as students' level, distinction,age, the situation,vocb,
    language functions,grammar,new items and other teaching skills.
    " presentation" is important to prepare the students to interact with the
    targeted exchange,place,characters and events as well. It is advisable to
    control the teaching items before "practice stage". Students grouping is essencial to encourage all the students' participation in the controlled
    phase, pairwork,groupwork and idividual activities . More freer work can
    inhance the students to be more active in real life situation that may meet them and can be able to respond effectively to any similar exchange .
    The students also can match exrcises- finish clues -ask/answer more
    easily later as I think.

    With kind regards


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