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    indulged in

    Dear experts,

    What does 'indulged in' mean in the sentence:

    'She indulged in a frankly avid stare'

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: indulged in

    Ah, we are still at Bertram's Hotel. :)

    "Indulge" means to yield, to gratify desire, especially with something excessive: "I went downtown and indulged in a half-day spa treatment at my favorite salon."

    Staring at people is/ was considered very rude, particularly in the time during which Miss Marple would have been brought up---staring avidly, even more so.

    So by staring at Bess, Miss Marple is permitting herself to do something she ordinarily would not do. "Frankly" means "honestly" or here, the meaning is closer to "obviously"---Miss Marple is not even trying to hide the fact that she is staring.

    [native speaker & writer, not a teacher.]
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