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    Alexi Sauer

    "it's curious that you got your e-mail for me back"

    I would like to explain to my student (above ) that this doesn't sound right!

    Can I say to use 'curious' you need to have a noun as reference e.g. to be curious about something/someone OR to be a curious kind of person.....

    In English we would say it's odd that.....OR how strange that......OR EVEN isn't it funny that......

    Am I correct?!
    Alexi Sauer

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    Re: Alexi Sauer

    No, you can say this (though I presume it should be "e-mail from me").

    It means strange; unusual:

    It's curious that Jo did not finish her letter to Bob.
    It is curious that the dog did not bark when the doorbell rang.

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