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    for and of

    Pls tell which one below is correct?
    1. purchasing for pantry needs
    2. purchases of pantry needs

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    Re: for and of

    It depends on how you're going to use the two phrases. Neither is actually incorrect until you use it.

    If you are making a list of things to buy, then PURCHASES OF PANTRY NEEDS is an appropriate heading for items to buy or items you have already bought.

    You can also defend PURCHASING in the sense of SHOPPING with a bit of a stretch: Shopping for pantry needs or purchasing of pantry needs, the verb form used as a noun--gerund!

    These are the purchases of pantry needs I made yesterday, and here is a list of purchases of pantry needs for tomorrow. Purchasing of pantry needs is great fun for some people.

    Rarely will a phrase be incorrect until you try to use it, huh? {:<)

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