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Thread: abtract nouns

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    abtract nouns

    I know that the words "silence" and "laughter" are abstract nouns.

    My daughter's teacher insists otherwise. I wrote in to clarify on the matter with her. She only went as far as to say that "silence" can be accepted as both "depending on the level" - what ever that means.

    She is emphatic,though, that "laughter" is conrete since it can be "heard".

    She is asking me to provide her written documentation (websites/books) to support my claim that these are abstract nouns.

    I do know that a LAUGH may be a "concrete" action. But, "laughter" should definitely be an abstract noun.

    I need evidence to emphasize that the distinction between concrete and abstract nouns is not simply based on "..can be seen, tasted, heard, touched or smelled.." but that the more realistic criteria be whether the noun is "tangible or material or physical".

    Any help will be much appreciated, and the sooner the better, too. The check-up quiz is due tomorrow....

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: abtract nouns

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    Re: abtract nouns

    If you look at the definitions Jason provided, the sensory idea is not that you can detect it with one sense, but with all five- it says and not or. I agree with you on this issue. For me, a concrete noun has to have a physical, tangible existence, and laughter doesn't come into that group.

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