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    loose grip on/in

    Hi there,

    I would like to know what's the difference between lose the grip on/ lose the grip in.
    I've found two sentences that have different prepositions and I cannot see any difference in meaning:
    -Jack took early retirement as he was losing his grip on his job
    -As we approach the end of life., becoming stupid or losing your grip in the world is not an inevitable consequence of the ageing process.

    To me, in both sentences the meaning of "lose grip" is lose control and I don't understand the use of different prepositions.

    Just another tiny question, have you ever heard the word "brainwave" in the sense of having a sudden clever idea? Is it British / American?


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    Re: loose grip on/in

    Lose grip has nothing to do with those prepositions. Prepositions are connected to ''the world'' and ''his job''.

    All people IN the world have different aim they follow!
    Don't just sit ON your job!

    Does that help?

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    Re: loose grip on/in

    I've heard "brainwave" in the sense you speak of many times, and said it myself---don't know if it's limited to US, but that's where I am.

    You can "lose your grip" ON something, or just "lose your grip," period. When nothing follows "grip," the meaning is that you can no longer cope. I think this is the meaning in your "in the world" example above.

    "I used to feel I was politically informed, but now I feel I'm losing my grip on what's happening in Washington."

    "I was so exhausted after the twins were born that I felt I was losing my grip."

    [native speaker & writer, not a teacher]

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