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    Exclamation looking for an english term

    I am looking for an english term which describes a character who does not fit in the context or setting in which they established in or is used to voice the author's views but is too futuristic for their context.


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    Re: looking for an english term

    Hi there :
    I'm not a native nor a teacher:
    Try using the following idioms nevertheless:

    -Obviously, Paul was not cut out for army life.
    -Her recent conduct is beyond the pale.
    -He is a square peg (in a round hole).


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    Re: looking for an english term

    In literature, a story that features a main character who does not belong in his environment is often called a "fish out of water" story.

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    Re: looking for an english term

    Anachronism and the adj : anachronistic?

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