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Thread: should of

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    Question should of

    Hello teachers...

    Could anybody tell me what the meaning of should of in the following sentences?

    1.You should of done at least that.
    2.I could of told you that.(could of)
    3.You should of talked this over with me before.

    I haven't seen such a thing before!
    So teacher, is it possible for you to explain what they are and how I use them and in what cases I need to use them??

    Do we use them in the UK or it's just in America?

    Please teacher, Could you provide me with a full explanation and all information related to this topic and I will be grateful?

    Thanks in advance teachers, you are very kind and helpful!
    a learner

    ****By the way teacher, could you correct me wherever I have made a mistake.
    Once again thanks a lot!

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    Re: should of

    Teachers, where are you?!

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    Re: should of

    Correctly it will be "should have" or "could have". The use "of" is colloquial and informal, and best not used in writing. It is generally regarded as poor English.

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    Re: should of

    Thank you Anglika, everything is clear now

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    Re: should of

    Your question reminds me of the common saying, "shoulda, woulda, coulda" used to express chagrin or regret "after the fact." This of course is just a slurred version of "should have..." etc.

    "If we'd only invested in that building project ten years ago, we'd be able to retire now."

    "Yeah, well, shoulda woulda coulda. Who knew it would be so successful?"

    [native speaker and writer, not a teacher]

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    Re: should of

    Do be patient. You might have to wait more than ten minutes for a response. (For example, people have to see your post before they can respond to it.)


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    Re: should of

    When written, of as used in should of and could of is simply a spelling mistake. It should be written have of course.

    It's an understandable spelling mistake though.

    That's because English speakers usually render (for example) should have as should've - unless they're deliberately emphasizing have.

    The 've sounds about the same as of, hence the confusion in writing.

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    Lightbulb Re: should of

    Thank you all, you are so kind.

    RonBee, sorry, I'll be patient next time.


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