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    The present perfect and the present

    The present perfect can be used to refer to past events which repeatedly occur up to and including the present time, and may occur again in the future, e.g:
    We've often eaten in this restaurant.
    Is there any difference if we use the present tense, instead?
    "We often eat in this restaurant."

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    Post Re: The present perfect and the present

    As far as i know and i hope i know well...we use the present perfect in the sentence ''We've often eaten in this restaurant'' because the action has been taking part since a moment in the past, until the moment you say it, in the present. We use the present in the sentence ''We often eat in this restaurant'' because you made a habit from that, it'a something general and it's not neither about the past, either about the present.
    Please correct me!! i'm not a teacher...:)


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