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    Use of "as" or "tobe"

    I m having trouble figuring out the correct usage of "as" and "to be".
    For example: it use with words like considered or regarded
    which is better/correct: "considered as" or "considered to be"???
    Does the usage depend upon the tense or the subject?
    Please help

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    Re: Use of "as" or "tobe"

    1. He is considered to be the best pianist alive today.
    Here we have the verb be before considered, with the meaning 'he is thought to be'/'People think he is'
    2 Considered as a whole, the proposal is OK, but there are some parts that could be improved.
    No verb be here and uit means 'taken as a whole'.

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    Unhappy Re: Use of "as" or "to be"

    Thank you for your help....

    I agree that the use of to will instigate the use of be. But i was more concerned about the usage of "as" versus "to be" , with words like considered and regarded.

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