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    Re: need help for my application in the USA

    I've pm'ed you...

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    Re: need help for my application in the USA

    Sorry, for waiting so long to answering. But in the last days i had to do a very lot...

    And i still can't send PMs in case of following:

    Sorry, but due to spam we have had to limit use of the Private Messages feature.

    You will be unable to use the Private Messages feature until you have posted 10 posts. Currently you have only posted 8 posts.

    If you want to ask a question in the meantime, please post in the forums.
    I think you read over it...

    XXX University transcript
    XXX means the geographic position of the uni or what?

    No recommedationo. It is the letter of vocational training. but a education in school. I don't know if it exist in this form in the USA...

    so it would look like this:

    Transcript of University
    copy of college certificate
    copy of testimony (or leaving certificate) of electrical assistant (it is an vocational education on school, after that i am an electrical assistant)

    But i sent the transcirpt and other copies on demand. It's a little bit complicate, but i also know that i don't send such thinks in america without the request. That's in germany else.

    And that's right i totally forgotten to say in which semester i am...

    But you are right, it's better to talk via PM, but i need still 1 post :D

    I hope you, that you will help me still a little bit, because it's already hard to say what I want in german. But it's much more hard to say it in english...
    Before i forget, I really appreciate you for helping me still so much!!

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    Re: need help for my application in the USA

    Just go to one of the "play this game" threads and "earn" another post. Then you can read my PM which if memory serves is fairly voluminous :)

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