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    reading activity

    i have been set a task to read ashort to children aged 6-8 years old and discuss it. The only bad part is - it has to be a 10 minute activity.
    I can't think of any book to read to them- because I am not sure wat keystage 1 is used to reading.....
    anyone have ANY sugesstions of books or anything? pleaseeeeeee

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    Re: reading activity

    Why not try children's stories. I think stories will keep their interest up for a longer time unless you're reading bedtime stories.

    { just an avid English learner}

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    Re: reading activity

    This is a difficult assignment if you are to read an entire story and then still have time to discuss it, all in only ten minutes. Stories that would engage children of that age tend to be a bit longer than that. Can you go to the library and look in the children's section for books for the youngest readers?

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