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    Analysis Problems Of Law To Mp3

    MP3 is a abbreviation of Motion Picture Expert Group, Layer 3 is format of encoding an audio data to reduce and compressing of data in audio, but remain to have the audio quality the same with audio data which not compression. For example, an audio data which kept in other format require space equal to 50 megabyte, while if using format of MP3, required space only one fifth, that is about 5 megabyte.

    The factor of MP3 data size only requiring space a few from a hard disc and a lot of transfer of data in the internet with high speed of data transfer in the Internet, has caused quickly distribution of MP3 data. It’s generate an important issue in around MP3, that is legality aspect of MP3 specially related to copyrights.

    Most MP3 contain is a song or music. The song usually come from Original Compact Disk (CD) than grabbing process, and than the song compressed by MP3 encoding software until to be MP3 data it has .mp3 extension data. Mean a CD load eleven till twelve song totally data equal to 650 MB. After passing conversion process become MP3, each song capacity from five till six megabyte. After compress process, the data easily can be distributed to pass through internet. The data can be distributed by e-mail, passing process of upload to selected server and then downloaded, or can also by transfer peer-to-peer of networking.

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    Re: Analysis Problems Of Law To Mp3

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