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    Smile living in denial

    I. "The most important lesson for India from Glasgow is that our political and security establishments are living in denial. We have heard our leaders repeatedly telling us that terrorists have no religion. Unfortunately, the evidence point to deep religiosity as the basis of political extremism. Terrorism stems from sustained propaganda and an insidious brand of religious zeal." What does "living in denial" mean here. II. What is the context and meaning of the famous line of Milton : "They also serve who only stand and wait."

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    Re: living in denial

    Deny is the opposite of accept.

    Living in denial = "Living in a mental state where they did not accept".

    However, it tends to be a bit stronger than simply "they did not accept", and normally means something like "they refused to accept", with the implication that there was plenty of evidence that meant they should have accepted.

    The Milton one is more complex. Milton wrote it in "on his blindness", and the original meaning was that while many did great deeds in the service of God, the blind man who was not able to perform such deeds also had a place in God's service, and was equally valued despite his disability.

    During the Second World War, however, the line was adopted as the motto of the British Royal Observatory Corps, who (in the days before radar) kept watch for enemy planes on bombing missions, and raised the alarm when they saw them.

    Perhaps because of this, the phrase is now increasingly used to describe the value of those who perform non-military activities in a war.

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