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    asking about tense

    hey ..teacher

    i would like to ask about the tense i should use .

    example: if i just finish done that thing. then i want to tell my friend about that thing so what the tense i should use?

    i didnt you can understand or not..



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    Re: asking about tense

    hi, i'm not a teacher but i guess in that case you should use a present perfect tense

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    Cool Re: asking about tense

    If I am right , I understand your question as ''How to explain to others that you have done your work''

    After finishing your work you can say in the following way:

    ''I have done my work''
    ''I have finished my work''
    ''I did it''
    ''The work has been finished by me''

    Hope it helps

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    Cool Re: asking about tense

    Talking about tense you have to use the past tense

    Note : I am not a teacher

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    Re: asking about tense

    Quote Originally Posted by cutemiki View Post
    hey ..teacher

    I would like to ask about the tense I should use .

    For example: if I have just finished doing something and I want to tell my friend about that thing, what the tense should I use?

    I hopeyou can understand


    Welcome to the forums - and I hope your question had been answered.

    If the thing you did is in the past, then the past tense is needed.

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    Re: asking about tense

    Present Perfect? could i say that it is a past tense?...when i learned a little about tenses it was hard to understand it and to me as a learner, present perfect looks perfect to cutemiki case.

    i have cleaned your car. (present perfect: means that I cleaned it in a past time and the room keeps clean).

    i cleaned your car. (past simple: meaning that i cleaned it in the past and we dont know if it is still clean)

    obs.: not a teacher.

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