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    Curriculum Vitae

    I have a problem with my CV, you will find below. Could somebody of you help me and correct it? I think there are a lot of mistakes in. Maybe it would be also better to write it in chronological form, or does it depend on the job I will apply for?

    thanks for help

    Curriculum Vitae

    After passed primary and secondary school I did a specialised secondary school for graphic/design. Schooldays end in 1981 with my matriculation standard at graphic/design.

    1982 until 1983 I was trainee for laboratory assistant for a photographer. I finished with a certificate of apprenticeship. Between 1984 and 1987 I worked in my profession as well as a shop assistant selling vine, at my parents shop.

    1987 until 1989 I did an occupational retraining as wholesale dealer. I passed with a certificate of wholesale dealer (specialized in vine). After my occupational retraining I moved to Munich. Within the next 12 years I worked in several companies with different job specifications. I started in my profession as a wholesale dealer. 1990 I changed from the office job into a grocery to be shop manager. 4 years later I changed the branch and got be manager at an organic farming shop. This last only 6 month. 1995 I had been unemployed till I started at a timesharing company. My jobs for the timesharing company had been in the office at Siemens, Amersham medicine (in former times Nycomed).

    At my last station at Siemens (1996 this unit changed into Infineon) I became the personal assistant for 5 directors with all together 34 employees. In 2001 they started a redundancy programme. From April on I was unemployed and went back to Bremen in October, because of family affairs.

    2002 in March I started a job as personal assistant for an architect creating wellness hotels. Unfortunately the company got bankrupt and I lost my job within the first 5 month. Until 2003 I had been without work again, but then the job centre sends me for one year as ward secretary into a psychiatric clinic. 2004 I found my own company because the job centre had no jobs prospective. After 6 month I closed my company and got a new office job. Since August 2004 I work at a company producing juice, the first 2 years I had been responsible for 2 Key Account Manager. From October 2006 on I am now responsible for 5 representatives and if my colleague is on holiday I am substitute for Key Account Management.

    I have good telephone manners and several computer skills as you can see in my European Curriculum Vitae attached. I am able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

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    Re: Curriculum Vitae

    Maybe you should start like this:

    After my primary and secondary school education I attended a school for graphics and design. I completed my school education in 1981. From 1982 to 1983 I trained as a laboratory assistant with a photographer.
    In the period between 1984 and 1987 I aditionally worked as a shop assistant selling wine at my parents' shop. From 1987 to 1989 I was trained in a vocational training course for wholesale dealing. After that my I moved to Munich. Within the next 12 years I worked in several companies with different job specifications. I started my professional career as a wholesale dealer. In 1990 I became a manager of a grocery. Four years later I changed my line of business to start as a manager at an organic farming shop for 6 month.s After a period of unemployment in 1995 I started working a timesharing joi with Siemens, Amersham medicine (Formerly called Nycomed).
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    Re: Curriculum Vitae

    Dear Jamshid,
    thanks for your help. Hope to see you next time at VHS.

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    Re: Curriculum Vitae

    Here is a sample you may find useful.
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