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    horror, bite myself, phlegm and other stuff

    Hi guys, you have always helped me so this time i turn to you again:

    1] "In horror" - is this phrase correct? Eg. "I horror I found out i had had all the time spilt milk on my shirt."

    2] "bite myself bored" - what about this one? I am trying to imply i was so bored as i bit myself in boredom. Figuratively, of course...

    3] what word do we usually use for the the substance in my nose? Phlegm or anything else? The other day attempted to explain in a common conversation that "cow's milk makes me..." phlegmy?

    appreciate a lot

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    Re: horror, bite myself, phlegm and other stuff

    Horror means an exaggerated fearful expression of surprised. You know, horror film or I looked in horror at the car crash.

    Bite myself bored! I have not heard this one either but it seems to me a term of you are so bored you self abuse as a means of entertainment. Animals bite themselves or birds pluck their feathers out when in captivity.

    catarrh is the correct term for phlegm or sputum and as for the nose, nasal mucus. Cows milk makes me phlegmy means that it creates catarrh in the lungs.



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