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    English grammer

    Hi everyone. My name is Alon and I am from Israel. As you maybe know, English is the most learned foreign language in Israel so almost everyone can speak English but in different levels of it.
    Anyway, I'm learning in the 11th grade and I am in the highest group of English speaking class but I have difficulty to remember most of the most spoken tenses and basically speak English and using the "right" past of future or any other tenses in the right time. How can I overcome this problem I want to improve my English significantly.


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    Re: English grammer

    Welcome to the forums =- and I hope we will be able to help you.

    The only way to succeed is to practice continually. That means both reading and listening to as much English as you can, writing it, and talking with others.

    If you have any problems, ask - someone will have an answer.

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