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    Katherine Mansfield - A Birthday

    HI everyone, I'm new to this whole forum thing, but wanted to ask if anybody has read Katherine Mansfield's short story A Birthday?
    I am studying from home (first paper) and have to do a critical analysis on this story, would be interested in discussing what I interpret from the story with other members?
    Thanks alot!

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    Re: Katherine Mansfield - A Birthday

    Yes, I have read this short story. I would like to analyze it, with your help.

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    Re: Katherine Mansfield - A Birthday

    ...well it seems to me that Andreas is a self absorbed character, who is easily irritated, and as he himself has said 'highly sensitive'.
    I thnk he finds the fact that his wife is in labour as terrifying, and he is scared to lose her, but will not admit the fact, so spends the day being highl irritated by the doctor.
    (are you with me so far?)

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    Re: Katherine Mansfield - A Birthday

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    Re: Katherine Mansfield - A Birthday

    OKay, I have read and re read this story and my thesis is going along the lines of that the lead character, Andreas, is having undergoing an inward battle of what he should think, compared with what he wants to think. Ie. he is actually sensitive to his wife's plight of childbirth, but he constantly dismisses this as he is a MAN, and a MAN is not supposed to be sensitive.
    He does things like goes and fetches the doctor without having anything to eat, and on his return with the doctor, he starts eating his breakfast (albeit late). Though I dont think he actually is hungry, he eats because he thinks this is what society wants him to do - ie. that he is not bothered by his wife's pain and intermittent wails.
    Thoughts anyone??

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