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    Exclamation Help on pre-interview task

    Hi guys,

    I need help I have my CELTA interview in 6 hours and I'm stuck on this pre-interview task, please help!


    Consider the following structures and then answer the questions below:

    Two people discussing changing their appearance:

    If I were taller, I’d be a good basketball player.
    If I hadn’t had a nose job, I wouldn’t have become a model.

    a) Name the two underlined structures in these examples.
    b) Explain in full sentences the differences between the use of these structures.
    c) Describe activities you could use in the classroom that would help students to practise these structures using different verbs.

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    Re: Help on pre-interview task

    Welcome, kcho07.

    We do not do homework related assignments; however, we will guide you through as long as you provide your answers or best guesses first.

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    Re: Help on pre-interview task

    Hi guys,

    Yeah it seems a little hard for a pre-interview task but I've given it my best shot. I did some research on a) and found it to be 2nd conditionals (a form of conditional sentences). I must say this website is very useful :)


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