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    Translation issue (sounds impolite?)

    Hi all,
    Yesterday I sent an email to a work mate from usa.

    I wanted to tell him this:
    "Fell free to ask me for help"
    but I wrote
    "Ask me whatever you don't understand"

    Was I impolite?

    Is there any paper / link where I can see translation issues to not sound rude?


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    Re: Translation issue (sounds impolite?)

    There is nothing impolite in your sentence - it is not quite what a native speaker might say. "Please ask if there is anything you don't understand" would be more usual.

    Please and thank you are very useful words to ensure you come across as a polite person!

    nb the USA

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    Re: Translation issue (sounds impolite?)

    ...also, use the phone! (or Skype if you and your colleague have the right equipment) - it's very easy to be misunderstood by e-mail.


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