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    has a big breakfast

    to have a big breakfast - what does the phrase mean?
    What does a person, who has a big breakfast, eat?
    I'd think that he or she ate lots - bacon and eggs, and a couple of toasts... But I have a feeking that even those who eat a toast with coffee call it a big breakfast, too. Is that so?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    Re: has a big breakfast

    I would say that a big breakfast would include fruit juice and cereal in some form, followed by eggs, bacon, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, black pudding, and possibly baked beans, followed by bread in some form [toast, rolls, croissants] with butter and jam or marmalade, all washed down either by tea or coffee.

    You can eat lots of toast and call that a big breakfast, but to me it rings hollow.

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    Re: has a big breakfast

    In the southeastern US, that breakfast would have to also include buttermilk biscuits drowned in sausage gravy, country ham, and most important of all, a big helping of grits covered in butter, salt and pepper.

    For dessert you can have an angioplasty.

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    Re: has a big breakfast

    The basic principle is the same, though; it must damage major organs and feel great.

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