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    I am currently completing my masters in teaching ESL and am considering higher academia. However, I have no teaching experience. I have two part time offers - one as an adjunct and one teaching adults for the city I live in. I am considering both offers in order to get experience and pay bills (no benefits, of course).
    My question is - how long can I expect to teach as an adjunct before moving on to a full time position? I'm assuming at least three years. Also, is it possible to teach at the college level without any public school experience? What about other opportunities (language schools, etc)?
    I hope to avoid public schools entirely - although I have offers. I would appreciate any feedback and/or sharing of your experiences. Thank you!

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    Re: Adjunct

    Try contacting the Continuing Education division of your local community college. They often have openings for community-based, industry-based or campus-based ESL teachers. A bachelor's degree is usually the only requirement and the average pay is $20 to $30 per hour (no benefits) for part-time (10 to 30 hours per week) employment. Full-time positions are not the rule in CE faculty, but every college is different.

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