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    who + name/ name + who?

    If someone calls one and says, "I am Sarah" and the receiver knows too many people by that name, which one of the following is correct to say?

    A. Sarah who?
    B. Who Sarah?

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    Re: who + name/ name + who?

    Which Sarah is that?

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    Re: who + name/ name + who?

    Thanks a lot, Anglika, but are both of my options wrong?

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    Re: who + name/ name + who?

    I might say "Sarah who" to someone else who had said only "Sarah" to me.

    But I would not say "Sarah who?" directly to that person. It would sound quite rude.

    And even to someone else, I would probably say "Which Sarah?"

    "Who Sarah" sounds completely wrong.

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    Re: who + name/ name + who?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anglika View Post
    Which Sarah is that?
    "Sarah who" would be OK if a clear rising intonation was used on the "who" and it was said politely.


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