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    I'd like to know the meaning of "1", "2", "3" in the next article.
    1. Mom, You're fired!.
    2. "Much too esspensive"

    Mom, You're fired!

    Is this the bus to Davenport Street?" Tina's mother called up to the bus driver, but he didn't seem to hear her.
    Tina's mother stepped up onto the bus. She was carrying two shopping bags under one arm and Tina's little sister Angela under the other arm. Angela twisted around until she was almost hanging upside down.
    "New shoes," said Angela to the man in back of her, pointing proudly to her new white shoes. "Much too esspensive," she added.
    Tina and her brother Nathaniel looked at each other. Then they stepped back in line and let two ladies get in front of them. They each had their own bus fare and wanted to get as far away from their mother and little sister as possible.
    They heard their mother ask in an even louder voice:
    "Driver, I asked if this was the bus to Davenport Street."
    "Read the sign, lady," they heard the bus driver shout.
    "The sign outside is stuck," their mother said crossly.
    There was no answer from the bus driver.
    "Hurry up, lady," called a man at the end of the line.
    Their mother wasn't in any hurry. She was giving the bus driver a lecture.
    ". ..and the least you could do is tell me whether or not I'm on the right bus. It would only be common courtesy…”
    "Oh, no." Nathaniel grabbed Tina's arm. "Here she goes again." He pulled Tina back and let a boy carrying a large transistor radio get in front of them.
    "Look lady," hollered the bus driver. "Are you getting on or off! I don't have all day."
    Everyone in line was very quiet.
    Tiny stared hard at a crack in the side- walk. She felt like pulling her mother off the bus and shaking her.
    "Move it, lady," the man at the back of the line called again.
    "It's the right bus," a lady called out. "It's a number 8. This one goes to Davenport Street."
    "Thank you." Tina's mother turned around and nodded to the lady. "But I don't see why the bus driver couldn't have told me that. If I had a choice, I wouldn't even take this bus."
    Nathaniel groaned. "Why can't she just get on the bus and be quiet like everyone else?"
    Slowly the line of people began to move ahead.
    "Nathaniel, Christina, are you there?"
    Now their mother was inside the bus, pounding on the window and waving at them. Tina and Nathaniel pretended not to notice.
    As they were paying their fare, they saw a man get up and give their mother his seat. Tina and Nathaniel tried to squeeze to the rear of the bus, but it was too crowded to move. They were stuck right across the aisle from their mother, who had Angela on her lap.
    "New shoes," said Angela to everyone who passed by.
    Nathaniel grabbed onto a pole and began to read an advertisement posted above the window.
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  1. burro

    Re: fired

    1. Mom, You're fired! I can't find that in the text.
    2. "Much too esspensive" She hasn't yet learned to pronounce "expensive" correctly. It sounds like she's imitating something that her mother said earlier.

    It's an advert for hair dye, but one cannot be a natural blonde or redhead by dyeing one's hair. One is born natural.

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