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Thread: can u help me?

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    can u help me?

    Hi!.My name's Fracky.I 'ave many questions 'bout English but i 'avent asked anyone yet.So can u help me?.
    1.The first question:Wt does:"I'm all about you"mean?
    2.The second question:y the sentence:"Despite I tried my best,I failed"is wrong?
    3.When we use :"that, which"?
    4.Can u tell me the difference between American English(AE) and Brittian English(BE)?.We should learn AE or BE ?
    5.Watchin' the English programs will help us to improve our knowledge of English?
    Finally I hope u'll write t' me soon
    Wait 4 ur letter!

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    Re: can u help me?

    1 It's a strange sentence. If you say 'it's all about me', then you are the focus of attention.
    2 Yes; don't use a verb phrase with despite:
    Despite trying my best, I failed.
    Although I tried my best, I failed.
    3 There are differences of pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling and grammar. However, they are not that important and speakers understand each other. Which form have you learnt so far? In SE Asia and most of Asia, American English tends to be more common, while in Europe British English is more common. Use what you're comfortable with.
    4 Watching programs is a good way of hearing natural English, though it depends on how seriously you listen and the type. Watching crime movies won't do that much to help you write a composition in an exam, but it may help in the interview.


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