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    Cool Hide Floor & Teeth Spacing


    1- What is a hide floor?
    Is it the empty area in the ground floor of a building? Because sometimes, residential building do not build anything on the ground floor, and just leave a space with the elevator and stairs.

    So, it this a hide floor?
    If not, what do you call the empty ground floor? And what is a hide floor?


    2- Some people have a spacing between the the upper first two teeth. (usually children).

    Like this:

    Does it have a certain name or just tooth spacing?


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    Re: Hide Floor & Teeth Spacing

    #1 Can you give more context? There is not enough here to understand this term.

    #2 This is a maxillary diastema. There is a tradition that if you have a gap like this, you will travel a great deal.

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