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    Question text-like messages..ugh!

    dear gods of Mt. English,
    what is your opinion on messages here on this site where some messages ae written in a text-messaging way like: ur, u, for your and you. and i just read one, 'aven't.
    Here in the Philippines, teachers discourage this kind of writing. The effect on a student's spelling abilities are tremendously awful. Ex.: one 2nd year school mate of mine back in high school became so famous for she spelled thoughtful as thotful. her reason is because she got used to this when text-messaging on her cell phone. since most of us asking here are students, shouldn't we warn them on the use of these text-messaging vocabularies?

    I'm just concerned

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    Re: text-like messages..ugh!

    Well, we don't like it and actively discourage it. It's got so bad we've had to put it in our forum guidelines area.

    See: Please don't use 'chatlish'; this is a forum, not a chatroom
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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