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    I am in trouble with a sentence that i couldn't get the meaning, even having tried to find out it in many sources and dictionaries.

    Actually there are two sentences with a word that I think that is not being used as usually it would be.

    1. To take the curse off the phrase "capitalism system" there has developed in the past many..."

    2. Flexibility is used today as another way to lift the curse of opression from.

    Thank you.

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    Re: curse

    Both are quite usual uses of the word.

    In the first sentence, it is telling the reader that the author considers that the phrase "capitalism system" has been given a bad meaning which it does not deserve.

    In the second, the writer is saying that oppression is a curse [a cause of misery] which can be lifted by applying flexibility.

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    Re: curse

    Thank you so much. By the way, isn't it an interesting point of view?

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