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    I. This week, as India watched Pakistan’s military use gunfire to drag out clerics, militants and so called students from inside Islamabad’s Lal Masjid, most of us were happy to caricature the conflict as a country caught in the grip of mad mullahs. But what about looking inwards. Can we confront the fact that Political Islam may be growing roots in our own backyard? Are we brave enough to consider the possibility that the assimilation of the Indian Muslim has not been as successful as we like to believe.

    II. Fixated as we are with the developments in Britain, most of us have hardly noticed the irony of the timing. In just four days, it will be one year since bombs ripped through the city of Mumbai, leaving 200 people dead. The warning signs are written in black & white even then, but perhaps we chose to look away.

    Please explain the meaning of the phrases “we were happy to caricature” and “Fixated as we are” in the above paragraphs.

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    Re: Fixated caricature

    1 It means that our view of what is happening in Pakistan in an oversimplification and does not reflect the complexities of the society and also that we are content with this view.
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