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  1. minhua

    several questions

    Dear teacher:

    Thank you very much. Could you please tell me the meaning of the phrases in the following sentences?

    a)Sales are up, and our new line of ceramic cookware is a hot seller, no pun intended.
    What does "no pun intended" mean here?

    b)The project manager should document the projectís goals and assume that the project is a go.
    What is the meaning of "go" here?

    c)Historical information from the recent blood drive project

    What is a "blood drive project"?

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    'Hot' is the word the person is referring to as it can mean selling well, but also has the associations with heat, being an oven. It's not a very funny joke.

    A go = one to move forward with

    Blood drive project = a project to encourage people to give blood (I presume)

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