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    Hello again,

    What do people usually say when they leave home in the morning: "I am going to the office" or "I am going to work"? Another example: "Were you at the office/work yesterday?" I am sure about the second sentence but not at all sure about the first one.

    And one more question.

    Can we say: "A friend of mine came to London two weeks ago. In some days he is going to L.A."? That sounds strange to me. To me "in a couple of days" or "in a few days" sounds much better. What do you think?

    Thank you
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    Re: work/office

    I'm going to work. - yes

    I'm going to my office - when you are inside the building and headed for your office (room).

    Were you at work yesterday? (at work - working place)

    Were you at the office yesterday? (office - your room)

    'In some days' doesn't sound right to me. Your alternatives are correct.

    He is going to LA in a couple of days / in a few days.


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