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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to apply to work for the position of Human resource assistant with Cambrew Ltd as advertising in KOH SANTEPHEAP Daily.

    I am writing this letter to express my interest in this position which is my objective. I am very interested in this position, because it can be let me use the skills that acquired from the university, any way, this position encourages me so much by working with t which I studied with before. During studying at the university, I am also the outstanding student and know deeply all the subjects related to my skill.

    Even though I have just graduated Bachelor of Business Administration in July 2006, I have a lot of experience in teaching like teaching English at the private school, teaching Khmer language to the foreigner by using English to expand, and I am also the teacher of Management and Marketing in the private institute and organization. Regarding to the knowledge and experience I described above, I think that I should have the opportunity to teach in your university.

    I have completed several courses in English and computer that you can see in my enclosed CV.

    I really hope that you will allow me to interview with your university that can make me proven what I said and wrote.

    I am looking to having personal interview at any convenient time to you.

    Your Sincerely

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    Re: Correct

    Quote Originally Posted by cheangry View Post

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I would like to apply for the position as a human resource assistant at Cambrew Ltd, advertised in KOH SANTEPHEAP Daily.

    The reason for my application is twofold:

    - it enables me to put into practice the theoretical skills acquired during my University studies (I am highly proficient in the subjects related to my skills).

    - I also have working experience in this field

    Although a fresh graduate holding a Bachelor in Business Administration (July 2006), I do have teaching experience such as: I have taught English at a private school, Khmer to foreigners using English as an aid language, and I am also a teacher of Management and Marketing in the private sector. Also, I have completed several courses in English and Computering (see enclosed CV).

    Based on my background, I consider that I have the qualification required for teaching at your University.

    I really hope that we can meet for an eye-to-eye interview at your earliest convenience.

    Your faithfully,
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    I have changed a lot, since a formal letter should avoid padding and repetitions, and be very clear and concise (expressing much in few words).

    Close the letter by writing "Yours faithfully," if you don't know the name of the recipient, and "Yours sincerely," if you know it.

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