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    'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    Hello, everybody!
    Could anybody clarify to me the difference between 'do analysis' and 'make analisys', if any? Are both correct? Specific usage?
    Thank you

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    Re: 'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    Personally, I think they're both a little odd. It would be better to simply use the verb "to analyze", otherwise you could "perform an analysis".

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    Re: 'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    In our country we also say that: Make an analysis or do an analysis. Is it wrong?

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    Re: 'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    Thank you. Still, I am not sure. Longman says 'do / carry out / conduct an analysis' but never mentions 'make an analysis'. Are they both old-fashioned?

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    Re: 'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    It is incorrect to say 'make an analysis'. You do it, not make it. 'Do' is more abstract than 'make'.

    Generally, we use the verb 'make' for constructing, building or creating .

    make a dress
    make food
    make a cup of tea / coffee

    ...and the verb 'do' when someone performs an action, activity or task.

    do your work
    do homework
    do housework
    do your job, task, analysis, chores...

    DO versus MAKE

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    Re: 'Do analysis' versus 'make analysis'

    Thank you. Using the right verbs are confusing especially when they are synonymous.

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