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  1. shasha1

    effective email

    Dear Teacher

    I want to to e-mail users about deployemnt of web based application

    Please check how can i make my e-mail effective.

    "We are in the process of deployment of web based applications through application server.

    This web based, providing users easy access to centralized resources all from one 'window' i.e. the browser. This is not only timely, but also easily accessible and reduces redundancy.

    XYZ system is now accessible on this link in your web browser. Meanwhile you will have access to existing XYZ system."

    Many thanks

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    Re: effective email

    Could you define ''effective''?

  2. shasha1

    Re: effective email

    Effective in a sense using of appropriate sentences so that I could communicate with users and tell them the purpose of this e-mail


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