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  1. carooline_16


    Please, help me!

    I want to send an e-mail to someone I've seen once. Unfortunately I don't know his name. Should I start with: "Dear Sir"? and finish with "Yours Sincerely"??

    This e-mail is quite short and that's what I want to say:

    "Enclosed are the pictures for my album.
    If you have any questions..." etc.

    Which form is correct? How should I do it? I'm confused


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    Re: E-mail

    What is the nature of your relationshiph with him? Is he performing a service that you are paying him for? Is he someone working with your boss on a project?

    Sometimes with an e-mail you can just get away with a just "Hello" for a greeting and omit a closing, aside from "Thanks,"

    Attached are...

    Please let me know if...


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    Re: E-mail

    I agree with Barb - e-mails allow more informal approaches, It might help to remind the person that you had met :

    "Hello, I am xxxx. If you remember, we met at yyyy. "

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    Re: E-mail

    If you are to be formal, start with 'Dear Sir' and end with 'Yours faithfully' - in case you don't know the name of the recipient. If you know the name, write "Dear Mr (Adams,)" and end with "Yours sincerely, Caroline".
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